Me at a glance:   Sherry London. Owner of prancingpixel designs.

My two hats: Photoshop expert and aspiring pattern designer. Practical Photoshop to help you with your design career as I start on my own design journey. 

Style of designs: Both ornate and contemporary, geos and flowers; full of texture.  Exploring the boundary between chaos and symmetry.

Teaching Style: Clear and supportive. I will be there for you!

Tools: Photoshop & Illustrator, iPhone/iPad apps, my hands…

Design Creation process: Montage of photography, sketches, and digital art with some fractals and generated images tossed in.

Influencing skills: Photography, spinning, beading, and programming. Textile arts such as shibori, sashiko, batik, marbling, and tie dye. 

Fame: Authored 12+ published books on Photoshop & Illustrator; 3 time nominee for Photoshop Hall of Fame; taught a master class in pattern design for American Greetings.

What would you like to create together?

Connect with me for my surface pattern designs, freelance work creating repeats or colorways, or Photoshop consulting and training.


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