Hello and Welcome!!!

I'm so glad that you're here!!!! Please look around. I'm Sherry London (aka PRANCINGPIXEL) and I am a surface pattern designer and Photoshop expert. I'm truly excited to share my skills and images with you.





As you wander through my work, you'll find that it encompasses all of the skills and experiences that have made me who I am. Photoshop is the medium through which most of these experiences and visions are expressed. I love to share my joy in working with Photoshop and enable others to discover that joy for themselves. Just as the pen or word processor doesn't write a book; Photoshop doesn't create my work. *I* create my work from my world...My knitting, my spinning, my beading, my needlework skills, my love of textile techniques--even my love of Broadway musicals--find their way into my work and my teaching. My imagery is for sale or license and I am delighted to help you meet whatever output and time requirements you might have. 



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