Two Weeks to a  NO FAil Seamless Toss Repeat pattern in Photoshop

Do you struggle with creating patterns that actually repeat without a seam? Or would you like to create patterns but have never tried it? 

(Note: even if you are experienced professional surface pattern designer, my method to create a repeat in Photoshop is very different and much easier than traditional ways--with no maths or calculations or measuring.)

In this course, you’ll create a seamless toss pattern suitable for printing on fabric or wrapping paper at Spoonflower. All levels of Photoshop skills (even beginners) are welcome and the course is something new for both experienced and novice pattern designers. This course keeps things simple, but the patterns you create can be quite complex.

As a result of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Create seamless patterns more quickly, so you can create more patterns than you were able to before.
  • Re-purpose parts of patterns for other pattern projects.
  • Expand the range of patterns you create because of the productivity boost this course will give you.
  • Expand your creative range and creativity in repeat design as well.  

Course Structure:

  •   A Getting Started Module
  •   12 video lessons (each approx. 12-20 minutes long)
  • One video is released each day for 2 weeks.
  • Full, downloadable transcripts—and step by step instructions with screenshots for each step. 

Discover How To:

  •  Choose a color scheme for your pattern and transfer it into Photoshop’s Swatches panel.
  • Create five different motifs in Photoshop that are easily changed at any time.
  • Use Photoshop’s Brush and Shape tools.
  • Scale and rotate your motifs without any image loss.
  • Define pattern repeats and use multiple pattern layers to build your final repeat.
  •  Work with Photoshop’s blend modes to create more complex effects but keep the pattern seamless.
  • Experiment with different background colors and background treatments for your pattern.
  • Adjust and edit your pattern even after you create it.
  • Prepare a file suitable for Spoonflower printing as fabric or wrapping paper.

This course is for people who have:

  • No prior experience in either Photoshop OR pattern design (a total newbie)
  • People who have done a lot of pattern design with Illustrator but have not used Photoshop very much.
  • People who have used Photoshop but have never designed patterns.
  • People who are at a beginning or intermediate level in both Photoshop and pattern design.
  • Professional designers who are experienced in Photoshop and pattern design.

The course will begin on Aug 8, 2016. The price for the course $80.00 for payments BEFORE July 20, and $100 after that. 

The button leads to the BUY NOW page, so you can join the class (just you know what to expect!)

Remember, the price goes up to $100 on July 20,2016. The EARLY BIRD price is $85.00--but only until July 20.