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I’m Sherry London, aka prancingpixel. I am a Photoshop expert, teacher, and surface pattern designer.
Let me help you design or purchase something unique created with with Photoshop.

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10 Rules for Commercial Printing

10 Rules for Commercial Printing

(or, do as I say and not what I did!) So Surtex is over for the year!!! Huge sigh of relief… All that planning and fussing and now I have at least six months before I need to start again. One of the major things I did for Surtex this year was to create a branded...

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Being Brave for the Global Talent Search

Being Brave for the Global Talent Search

Pragmatic. Practical. I go through life with a jaundiced eye, a cynical look and a wry quip or sar-caustic remark at all the foibles of the world around me. The most frequent butt of my humor is me.  Not always in fun… I hate flowery phrases and refuse to...

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