In the next video–and cheers!–it actually contains audio, I’ll show you how to alter the Document Color Setting for an image to create a CMYK file from the original RGB document. I’ll also explain how you can add additional colors to your image.

Unlike Photoshop, which always shows you a variety of built-in colors in the Swatches panels, Illustrator gets its colors from the image assets associated with the document profile. For example, if I choose File > Open and use a Web profile, Illustrator associates the basic web set of color swatches with the image. Because we’re scanning an image and it doesn’t originate in Illustrator, our document has no associated colors. So, you need to add them.

The Swatches panel has a library button that gives you access to a large number of swatch document choices. You only need to choose the one you want and transfer it to your document Swatches panel. Click the link below to see it in action.

–Sherry aka the prancingpixel