You can make Photoshop do the flip! Flipping an image horizontally or vertically gives you a mirror image. It works like a mosaic tile and also can create a seamless repeat pattern. You can watch the video below to see how I prefer to do the flip in Photoshop. Under the video, I’ve listed all the steps to the process.  Be sure to also watch the second video in this sequence. It shows you the benefits of creating a smart object for your  starting image.


  1. Create an image 100×100 pixels.
  2. Fill with Filter>Noise>Add Noise and set the noise to Gaussian and the amount as high as it goes
  3. Double-click to make this into a Smart Object.
  4. Duplicate the layer by pressing COMMAND or CTRL+J (Layer > New>Layer via Copy)
  5. Choose Image > Canvas Size and click the left-center anchor box. Tick Relative and set the Width to 100%. Click OK.
  6. Make the top layer active and choose Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal
  7. Hold the SHIFT key and carefully move the layer to the right until it joins the original layer.
  8. Click the bottom layer. Hold the SHIFT key and click the top layer in the Layers panel.
  9. Press COMMAND or CTRL + J to make another copy of the two layers.
  10. Leave the layers targeted.  Choose Edit >Flip Vertical.
  11. Choose Image > Canvas Size and tick the top center square. Then set the HEIGHT to 100%. Click OK.
  12. Start to drag the layers down and immediately press and hold the SHIFT key to keep the layers moving vertically. Drag until the layers snap into place and touch the first set of layers.

That is the 4-way flip.

However, because you created three copies of the original Smart Object, there is still more that you can do. For that, view The 4-Way Flip, part 2 video at


‘Til later!

–Sherry (a.k.a. the prancingpixel)