I have a love/hate affair with Adobe Illustrator’s Image Trace command. When it works, I love it. When it balks at me, I am very unhappy.  The tool actually works well if you only have modest expectations for its tracings. It does well, for example, on a clean black and white image that you wish to trace.

Click the link below to see a silent video of opening and Image Tracing a file in Illustrator CS6 on Windows. It should be basically the same on the Mac. I am just learning how to do video so I have no sound as yet.You can click the icon on the bottom right of the video to expand this so you can see it. Since there’s no sound, at least you should be able VIEW what I did.

After you Image Trace the object, you need to understand what Illustrator has done.  That will be my next video.

–Sherry aka the prancingpixel