Photoshop for Designers

Photoshop for Designers 1 and 2 are my in-depth courses written specifically for surface designers.

If you’re a designer (or want to be) and have been frustrated with all of the Photoshop classes that are written for photographers, then this this one is for you!

These classes teach Photoshop from the ground-up and move swiftly on to advanced topics. They are a distillation of all that I have learnt over my years of using Photoshop. They are a “must have” if you wish to master Photoshop for surface design.
I offer both Photoshop for Designers 1 and Photoshop for Designer 2 in partnership with the Textile Design Lab. This is the membership site associated with You may take these courses in several ways:


  • By becoming a subscribing member of the Textile Design Lab. You will have access to both courses, and technical support from me, at no extra cost beyond your membership fee. Your access will last for as long as you continue to be a Textile Design Lab paying member. Class videos may not be downloaded. You may start any time or wait for one of the twice-yearly group runnings of the course.
  • By purchasing each class outright ($200 per class). This option does not require Textile Design Lab membership. It gives you the ability to download and keep all class videos. However, this option is available only during the twice-yearly group workshops and the courses taken this way are ‘self-study’. However, I never turn down an email request for help.


Class Outline

Week One: Brushes

  • Day One: Brush tools and color (5 videos)
  • Day Two: Blend modes and history (3 videos)
  • Day Three: Basic selections and fills (2 videos)
  • Day Four: More selections and fills (1 video)
  • Day Five: Basic brush creation (2 videos)

Week Two: Editing

  • Day One: Basics of non-destructive editing (3 videos)
  • Day Two: More about layers (5 videos)
  • Day Three: Working precisely and creating set repeats (4 videos)
  • Day Four: Moving and arranging (3 videos)
  • Day Five: Creating tossed and four-way repeats (3 videos)

Week Three (Work Week #1)

  • Catch Up Week

Week Four: Working with scans

  • Day One: Scanning in black and white (4 videos)
  • Day Two: Fixing a scan (5 videos)
  • Day Three: Color processing (4 videos)
  • Day Four: Replacing colors, part 1 (3 videos)
  • Day Five: Replacing colors, part 2 (2 videos)

Week Five: Working with images

  • Day One: Healing images (4 videos)
  • Day Two: More healing tools (3 videos)
  • Day Three: Removing image backgrounds (2 videos)
  • Day Four: Image extraction part 2 (1 video)
  • Day Five: Image extraction part 3 (2 videos)

Week Six (Work Week #2)

  • Catch Up Week


ExploreClass Outline

Week One: Painting

  • Day One: Customizing brushes (5 videos)
  • Day Two: Creating custom brushes from sketches (2 videos)
  • Day Three: Creating brushes from photos (1 video)
  • Day Four: Working with the Pattern Stamp tool (2 videos)
  • Day Five: All about the Mixer Brush (2 videos)

Week Two: Colour, Plaids, and Fractals

  • Day One: Intro to the gradient tool (3 videos)
  • Day Two: Getting creative with the gradient tool (2 videos)
  • Day Three: Creating patterns with the gradient tool (3 videos)
  • Day Four: Exploring the Gradient Map tool (4 videos)
  • Day Five: The Liquify filter, fractals and more! (4 videos)

Week Three (Work Week #1)

  • Catch Up Week

Week Four: Shape tools, Marbling, and Molas

  • Day One: Intro to Photoshop vectors (2 videos)
  • Day Two: Exploring the Shape Tool (2 videos)
  • Day Three: All about the Pen Tool (4 videos)
  • Day Four: Methods to create a marbling effect (4 videos)
  • Day Five: Working with Layer Styles (4 videos)

Week Five: Text, Texture, and Illustrator

  • Day One: All about texture (5 videos)
  • Day Two: Exploring type and the Text Tool (4 videos)
  • Day Three: Running Photoshop more efficiently (2 videos)
  • Day Four: Using Photoshop & Illustrator together (4 videos)
  • Day Five: All about the Pattern Fill Layer (2 videos)

Week Six (Work Week #2)

  • Catch Up Week
Disclaimer: I am NOT an affiliate of Pattern Observer or Textile Design Lab. I proctor the Tech Talk Forum on Textile Design Lab 12 months of the year and and am paid a fixed amount for this regardless of the number of students taking my course.

Here’s what students say:

Thank you so much for your very calm way of explaining everything. I never get the feeling that anything might be too hard to understand. Hanna E.

Thank you, Sherry for your clear methodical step by step video tutorials! I’m now understanding process and concepts in Photoshop that were confusing when I tried to follow directions from printed manuals. Carol B.

I’m loving what we are learning, so far only I’ve completed the day 1 lessons but already feel like I’ve learnt loads. After years of fumbling my way through Photoshop I can see how potent this course will be. It’s brilliantly detailed. Zoe W.’s great to finally start to understand and enjoy Ps Amanda T.

This kind of fun could easily turn a person into a workaholic! Pat F.

Thank You so much! Sherry, your teaching style is Amazing! So user friendly. Thanks for sharing your talents and knowledge Esther S.