In the first two posts, you used the Image Trace command to take a scanned image and change it to a vector image in Illustrator. You then altered the color mode of the document and added swatches to the file.

Now, you’re ready to color your traced motif. But wait! When we last saw the image, it was decked out in solid pink! That will never do. If we’d wanted a square, we could have started with it and not fussed with Image Trace at all.

So, what hath Illustrator wrought here? It isn’t quite the mess that it seems. The trick is to dig into the Layers panel and see exactly what Illustrator traced. It will rarely be what you had in mind, but everything can be fixed or worked-around, or, at worst, done over.

So, play the video and see how you can remove layers and ungroup things to make it easier to alter the colors.