Everyone seems to want to learn how to create textures for pattern design in Photoshop. The video tutorial in this installment shows how you can create a useful texture from a blank white canvas. It has a lot of steps, but it’s a recipe that you could automate with an action. I’m going to show you how to do this using a single layer, but in a later tutorial, I’ll show you how to create it as a non-destructive template file you can reuse as often as you want to generate an unlimited number of textures. I’ll also show in later videos what you can do with the texture once you’ve created it. Making the texture is just the start of its journey. It can “grow up” to be any number of things in Photoshop from part of an image or a brush or a clipping mask base.

Here’s the video, and below it I’ll post the steps we used.

Here’s the recipe for the Noise>Blur>Find Edges texture:

  1. Choose Filter > Noise > Add Noise
  2. Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur
  3. Choose Filter > Stylize > Find Edges
  4. Choose Image > Adjustments > Levels

That’s the basic formula. Here’s how you can control the number of values in the texture as well as the smoothness of the various blobs and bits:

  1. Choose Filter > Noise > Median to determine how you’re going to clump the pixels. Median finds the mid-range value of the pixels within the radius you specify.
  2. Choose Image > Adjustments > Posterize to reduce the number of colors or levels in the image.
  3. Choose Image > Adjustments > Dust and Scratches to smooth out the shapes.
  4. Finally, use the Levels command again to set your final texture values.

If you do wish to create a black and white layer, you can use the Image > Adjustments > Threshold command at any point after the Median filter.

I can’t leave you with just the texture, so I’ll show you what I did with several of the textures I created and then, later in this series, I’ll show you how I made the flower and the leaf.

Flower and leaf created from generated textures

Flower and leaf created from generated textures


‘Til later!


–Sherry (a.k.a. the prancingpixel)