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Are you in a creative rut or a time crunch?

Photoshop Consulting Services

Did you just get an assignment or brief that has you baffled? Need to learn how to do something in Photoshop in a hurry?

Contact me! I’m good at solving any Photoshop predicament you can get into. I can get online with you anywhere in the world and then record the help session on video so you can replay as needed. I can set up times for half-hour or hour calls and also give a special rate for a block of 3 hours to be used as you need them in 1 hour or 1/2 hour increments. Please use the contact form at the bottom to let me know how I can help you with Photoshop.

I just wanted to say thanks! That was a great session today and opened up lots of new working options for me which was great – exactly what I was looking to get out of our chat. I’ll definitely come back to you if more Ps questions arise as I develop my portfolio. You’re the best in the business (and a great teacher too!) thanks Sherry. Byrony Clarkson


Talk about finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel! During our sessions, I learned so much pertaining to my art process, how to take my art to the next level while still staying true to my style and (hopefully one day) leveling the playing field between digital and traditional artists.

Nothing I posed threw Sherry; she knew exactly what I was attempting to achieve and presented a course of action. Sherry recorded our sessions and sent links to those videos, along with supporting documentation and additional material, to reinforce what I’d learned.

The personal Photoshop sessions were a valuable investment in my art career, worth every penny. I highly recommend Sherry, not only for her knowledge and expertise but also for her teaching style and accessibility. Laura Levie


Design Services

I can provide these services to designers who need changes to their own images or to organizations that need these changes to their own images or to mine:

  • Colourways: I can create new colourways for images or alter the colours of the existing image as desired.
  • Pattern-Making: I can create a technical repeat or make any image repeat seamlessly as a set pattern or half-drop or any other symmetry desired.
  • Background removal: Let me dig that image out of its background for you!

Please use the Contact form at the bottom of the page to let me know what help you need!

Photoshop Image Manipulation, Retouching, and Prepress Services

Do you have an image (or series of them) that need help? Maybe the colour if off, or they need to be sharper, or you hate part of the background and need to replace it. I am available for this type of Photoshop work as well.

I can fix photos–or painted artwork–to look the way you need it. The images below were part of a seven-year project that I did for Townsend Press to create a series of Kindergarten through Grade 2 reading books that focused on a diverse group of children at the fictional King School. The watercolour artwork was painted by artist Mark Weber. I was asked to do the Photoshop work needed to prepare the images for print. That involved creating and applying a series of skin colour textures that would be consistent from pape to page and book to book for each character, as well as making sure their clothing colours stayed the same. It also involved moving, resizing, and in some cases, inserting children into existing artwork. I loved every minute of the project!

***To compare Before and After on these images, click and drag the circle with the two arrow-heads (the white line in each image) to the LEFT to reveal the AFTER image or the right to see the ORIGINAL (BEFORE) image.

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